What You Will Learn

This deep dive into how to be effective in our market is brought to you by the author of industry best-seller “Hospitality 2.0”, a lecturer and a founder recently recognized as "top 17 technology professionals inspiring innovation in the US hotel industry".

  • The composition of the industry that affects technology adoption (fragmentation, stakeholders, main categories of decision-makers, layout of technology ecosystem)

  • How to build an optimal product roadmap and product management strategy with the right user in mind

  • How to measure market potential and optimally market and sell to the right target audience and to scale products considering integration dependencies that exist

Course curriculum

    1. LESSON 1: Introduction and brief overview of the hospitality industry

    2. LESSON 2: Main reasons for low technology adoption in the hospitality industry

    3. LESSON 3: Composition of the industry (fragmentation and conflict of interest among stakeholders)

    4. LESSON 4: A glance at hospitality operations and how they’re evolving

    5. LESSON 5: Role of data in our industry (data as the new currency, and who is at the top in the data kingdom)

    1. LESSON 6: Overview of hotel technology ecosystem: evolution, integration dependencies, hierarchy and what is changing

    2. LESSON 7: Main categories of vendors in the hotel technology ecosystem

    3. LESSON 8: Distribution category, the problem child

    4. LESSON 9: Non-lodging tech: restaurants, meetings & events, theme parks

    5. LESSON 10: OTA relationships and evolving role of Google

    1. LESSON 11: Cloud computing

    2. LESSON 12: Artificial Intelligence, cobotics

    3. LESSON 13: Metaverse, Web 3.0, VR/AR/XR, blockchain and their applications in our industry

    4. LESSON 14: Alternative Accommodations sector

    5. LESSON 15: COVID-19 pandemic

    1. LESSON 16: Tech Product Management in the hospitality industry: how to BUILD your products with the right end user in mind

    2. Lecture 17: Tech Product Marketing in the hospitality industry: how to BRING SOLUTIONS TO MARKET and target the right customer

    3. Lecture 18: How to SELL your products to hospitality companies

    4. Lecture 19: Main future trends in the evolution of hospitality tech

    5. Lecture 20: Main investment opportunities in the next 5-10 years

About this course

  • 20 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

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About this course. Introduction and brief overview of the industry: composition, structure, target segments and major players.

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About the instructor

Ira Vouk

Best-selling author of top industry publications, a software founder and technology innovator who brings nearly two decades of practical industry experience.

Frequent speaker on the topics of hospitality technology, distribution, revenue management, profitability and automation (AAHOA, HEDNA, HITEC, ICHRIE).

HITEC Advisor @ HFTP, Strategic Advisor @ HTNG, Hospitality & Tourism Alliance Advisory Board Member @ The California State University, former Advisory board member at Cornell CHR @ School of Hotel Administration.

Adjunct professor at SDSU. Guest lecturer at UDEL, DU, SJSU, University of Angers (France).